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Lawn Mower Injuries No. 1 Cause of Amputations In
Children Nationwide 
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Injuries from lawn mower accidents are more frequent and devastating than most realize. Serious lawn mower injuries occur everyday, but most people are not aware because this information is not made public. Injuries happen in a split second and thousands of consumers, mainly children and the elderly are maimed from lawn mower accidents.
For many years the O.P.E.I., the Consumer Product Safety Commission and consumer organizations have pressed lawn mower manufacturers to improve their safety standards. In 2005, a research team compiled the following information.   
Injury figures come from two large databases. One of those databases tracks patients discharged from hospitals. The other database, kept by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, records emergency department visits related to consumer products. There appears to be an increasing trend in the incidence of serious lawn mower injuries in this country, a clear indication that not enough is being done to prevent lawn mower injuries, the researchers write.
May, 2006 FOX and CBS News reported on the seriousness of lawn mower injuries. Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen on The Early Show, said mowing the lawn is a weekend activity that many homeowners dread. Not only is mowing the lawn time consuming, it can also be downright dangerous.
Every year, Koeppen said Monday, some 80,000 Americans go to the emergency room because of accidents involving lawn mowers. Many of the victims are children and the elderly.
"We see (injuries from lawn mowers) every summer, I'm talking big injuries that are devastating," Dr. Scott Kozin of the Shriners Hospitals For Children tells Koeppen. Kozin is a pediatric hand and foot surgeon who's treated dozens of kids injured by lawn mowers. He says mower accidents are the No. 1 cause of foot amputations in children nationwide.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no one under age 12 should operate a push or self-propelled mower.
June 27, 2006 FOX 4News early evening news cast stressed the dangers associated with operating a lawn mower. As reported thousands of children are seriously hurt each year. Consumers should be extremely cautious when operating a mower. It only takes one second for someone to be seriously injured or killed. The best advice is to do your own research and select equipment that offers the best safety features available.     
A report in the Annals of Emergency Medicine tracks hospital treated lawn mower injuries in the U.S. Over the past nine years, emergency rooms treated over 740,000 lawn mower injuries. Teens aged 15-19 had the highest hospitalization rate for mower injuries. Having fractured toes was the most common diagnosis requiring hospitalization, followed by amputated toes or a foot. In numerous cases the mower was being pulled backward and a foot slipped under the mower.
Over the past nine years over 2,000,000 people were admitted to the emergency room for heat stroke or heart problems as a result of overexertion while mowing.
It is these injuries that we, and numerous others, believe could have been prevented if certain precautions had been taken and lawn mowers were designed with safety in mind, researchers add. 
The above research is definitely alarming and should provide anyone with a better understanding of how dangerous lawn mowers really are.
We provide consumers with the only alternative product that provides a safer method when operating their walk-behind mowers.
Our Eazy Mow product has been rated as one of the best designed lawn care products on the market. Our product allows anyone to maneuver their mower with little or no effort, so there's never any need to lift the mower while turning, or to pull the mower backward. Our product is proven to greatly reduce operator fatigue, which lessens the risk of overexertion, strain or injury. 
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