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Free Services For New Inventors

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Have A Good Product Idea - But Need Assistance?

We are offering our free and low cost market research, product development and business services for new inventors because we understand the importance of your project and what it takes to be successful. Our free and low cost confidential business assistance will reduce time and expense required to develop your project from idea to start-up to success.
There are many options to consider before committing funds to any project. It is vital to partner with an organization that understands the industry in which you will be competing and the dynamics of the marketplace.
Developing and launching a product into the market is a complicated process.You may have great talent for creating ideas but to identify the need, interest level and cost of getting your product on the market requires numerous professional skills. With our R&D and manufacturing experience we can determine if your project will be cost effective and solves a unique problem or fills an untapped niche in the market. 
Market research plays a major role in the success of a product or business and generally focuses on long-term strategy.
Market Survey

A market survey is an excellent tool for judging acceptance / interest level in a new product or service under consideration. Reasons for a market survey include:

  • Gauge interest level in a product before committing funds to the project.
  • Gain insight into the advantage of your product over that of competitors.
  • Understand what product features are of most value to customers.
  • Determine the satisfaction level of your customers vs. competitors’ customers in a blind survey.

Feasibility Study

Market feasibility studies require an in-depth investigation of the market potential for a product or business.

Our approach is as follows:

  • Identify a potential need for the product.
  • Gauge likelihood / interest level of the product satisfying that need.
  • Determine fee / price for satisfying that need.
  • Identify potential obstacles or barriers to entry.
  • Make informed decisions from test analysis 
We offer the best opportunity available. First, we will provide an in-depth investigation of the market potential for your product, including market research and a professional feasibility evaluation free of charge, with no obligation on your part. This usually cost thousands because of the amount of research required.   
Our main objective is to assist you in developing your new product idea, patent it, develop awareness and build demand for it. Our track record speaks for itself, because we are very selective. Our twenty seven years of R&D, manufacturing and marketing experience affords us the opportunity to work with the best projects. With our free and low cost services we can assist you in licensing your product or patent for up-front money and ongoing royalties, or gather funding and launch your product direct to the market.
                The Four Basic Pieces of the Product Puzzle
Product: Does your product fulfill an unmet, identifiable need?
Price:  Can your product be manufactured and distributed at a reasonable cost?
Place: What industry supplier or retail network would carry your product?
Promotion: Who will put the big marketing dollars behind your product?
Inventors need to be very cautious because many companies that offer assistance act as a middleman and source out their R&D services to other companies. We know from experience because many of these companies contact us on a regular basis needing a marketable prototype, or in need of a certified patent attorney. In most cases this doubles or triples the project cost.
Depending on your project, you may be in need of an engineer or industrial designer, a technical writer or graphic designer. Our team can provide modifications or improvements that make any project more cost effective and attractive. We utilize aggressive and creative promotional techniques to introduce new ideas to industry.
Our in-house product development division helps you visualize your invention with CAD renderings or as a fully-functional prototype.
Our exclusive manufacturing processes and technologies save time and money.
Our research and marketing group gives your invention a thorough evaluation for its potential in the market. If it is determined that your invention has the right appeal and meets our criteria we will finance your project and it will become part of an elite portfolio enabling us to dedicate the time necessary to make your idea a success.
We do not source out any services such as research, writing, designing, prototype or product development. Other internal sevices include financing and funding.
                         Free and Low Cost Services We Provide
  • Market research and a professional marketability evaluation
  • Twenty seven years experience in product development and marketing
  • New manufacturing processes and technologies that reduce cost
  • Patent services by attorneys certified with the U.S. Patent Office 
  • Promotional campaigns and trade show representation
  • Financing for new or unique product ideas that meet our criteria
  • Licensing contracts and established merchandise buyers 
  • Catalog, magazine and direct response advertising. 
  • Strict moral commitment and guarantee of confidentiality

  Use our free services and find out if your product is one of the elite

You'll be partnered with a successful corporation that has developed an elite network of partners throughout the industry. One of our project directors will consult with you on a confidential basis. If you elect to proceed we will mail you an evaluation package and a confidentiality agreement. This will allow us to evaluate your product idea and what you hope to achieve. Again, these services are free with no obligation on your part. "Together We Can Make Your Dream A Reality".

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