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    Customer Testimonials 

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Overwhelming Customer Approval !
Customers are definitely impressed with our products performance and many have shared their experiences. Listed below are just a few examples. You may also want to read an article written by one of our customers after the testimonials.
  1. Tony from FL. - "What a great idea, mowing the lawn now is basically effortless. Your product makes my old Craftsman mower a brand new machine".
  2. Deniese from TX. - "With Eazy Mow my Toro mower handles very easy. I don't have to lift my mower which saves me a lot of time and effort".
  3. Mark from N.H. - "This is unbelievable, I just follow my Honda self-propelled mower, there's no effort and I save a lot of time".
  4. Gerald from N.J. - "You guys make a good product. I haved owned several factory swivel mowers over the years, they are expensive and require a lot of service and repair work".
  5. Robert from CT. - "This is just like power steering, I can't believe my Murray is so easy to handle".
  6. Anthony from MI. - "Excellent idea. Not having to lift the mower while turning is fantastic".
  7. Susan from VA. -"Our property is beautifully landscaped with numerous turns in and around our plantings. We are definitely impressed with your product's performance and would recommend it to anyone".
  8. Ron from CA. - "As a design engineer I usually can find criticism in some area. However your product is exactly as stated and I would like to commend you on your proficiency".
  9. Rodney from MD. – "My wife and I would like to thank you, this is a great invention. Your product definitely provides great maneuverability and much easier height adjustment".
  10. Teresa from NC. – "Thanks a million. Now my son doesn’t mind mowing the lawn and I am not as worried about him getting injured".
  11. Dale from TX. – "Your products are great for my lawn and landscape business. I’m saving a lot of time mowing which has helped me to develop new accounts".
  12. Bill - equipment dealer from OH. – "Our customers are very pleased with your Eazy Mow ZR360. We equip our new mowers and save customers a bundle. I’ve included my purchase order for 12 more products. Thanks".
  13. Sherry and Buddy from TX. - "We purchased a new 21'' rear wheel drive mower for $299 added your product and saved around $350 in comparison to a factory equipped swivel wheel model".
  14. Jason from GA. - "I was sceptical at first but glad I followed thru. My 3 year old Yardman handles very easily and saves me a lot of time now".
  15. Frank from OK. - "I ordered your product for my Troy-Bilt. I save a bunch of time and saved a lot of money".
  16. Ron from MI. - "Just installed Eazy Mow on my new rear-drive Honda." "Works as represented and saved me around $280 compared to the lower end factory caster wheel model". 
  17. Karon from TX. - "We will definitely tell anyone this is a great product. We purchased your Eazy Mow for our mower about two years ago. That mower is now deceased, and Eazy Mow is on our new mower. We are now ordering a second set for our neighbor and a third set for our son".
  18. Mark from IL. - "You really have a great product. I can't imagine anyone not needing this product if they own a walk-behind mower".
  19. Dave from MA. - "We were searching for a new swivel wheel mower, but added your product to a new Craftsman walk-behind and saved around $320. We wish you the best".
  20. Bob from TX. - "I installed Eazy Mow on my older Toro mower. My wife and I really enjoy the easy maneuvering. Not having to lift the mower is a big plus".
  21. Sergio from TX. - "Your products have helped me to start a lawn care business. You saved me several thousand dollars over purchasing the factory swivel models".
  22. Pat from LA. - "Ordered for our Craftsman mower. It's remarkable how your product makes our big mower handle like it has no weight. We are definitely impressed".
  23. George from FL. - "Your product really satisfies my needs in regard to easier maneuvering. Tight turns and restricted areas are now accomplished with little effort".  
  24. Greg from N.Y. - "Thank you for making this great quality product. It completely takes the work out of mowing. Also thanks for the quick delivery".
  25. Ron from TX. - "I put this on my Honda harmony 2. Great product, quality construction, well worth the money."
  26. Michelle from LA. - "Wow" What a great product. Your swivel wheels completely changed my outlook about mowing. Thanks for making this product."
  27. Lane from MA. - "Great product. Now I can mow with very little effort. Everyone needs this product. Thanks."
  28. Mark from TN. - "This product will go on every mower I will purchase from now on."
  29. Brenda from IN. - "This is a really great product and makes mowing very easy."
  30. James from TX. - "This is a great product. Mowing the lawn now is very easy."
  31. Norman from MA. - "The best thing you can put on a lawn mower. You definitely saved me a lot of time and effort."
  32. Wayne from WI. - "Very happy with the service and the product."

The following article was written by one our customers as a bit of humor. In the article he refers to lawn mowers as Choppers.

This marvel of not-so-modern engineering does it all: it slices and dices grass, weeds, fingers and toes, works you into overexertion or at least a dirty, sweaty rage, and impresses the neighbors all at the same time. How does it do all that you might ask? Read on my friends.

About Chopper’s Features:

Push Mowers With Standard Wheels
These devices have a simple, but effective way of saying "we are going to wear you out". Right from the beginning a little voice is in your head is saying, here we go again. You know what you’re in for and it’s not pleasant. Every lift and turn gets a little more tiring, and you know from past experience there’s no way of winning out; the faster you go, the more fatigued you become. So, what makes good sense, do you remain a slave of your Choppers demands or apply your wisdom toward a much easier solution. In this case swivel wheels would have saved you a lot of time and effort.

Self Propelled Mowers With Standard Wheels
Ok, this is a little better but far from being easy. This is the feature where you get both a workout and a chance to apply your acrobatic skills. Even though this Chopper pulls himself around, he presents a lot of problems. He’s very heavy and his wheels are continuously turning. Lifting this mower can be a real chore and trying to turn in a tight spot or close quarters is asking for trouble. Without any warning you’ll lose your balance and unless you have super human reflexes, you're pretty much going down for the count. Now the phrase insult to injury really sets in. Your family doctor or the emergency room just became the proud owner of your last pay check and several to come. In this case swivel wheels would have not only saved you a lot of time and effort but would have saved your back and your wallet.

And Finally:
You could be the legend of your neighborhood when you mow with your Chopper. Now picture this: You step outside your house one sunny Saturday morning ready to mow your lawn only to witness what can be described as an awe-inspiring sight. Your neighbor across the street, we'll call him Mr. Brokeback and his Chopper without swivel wheels have declared war on the front yard. Brokeback and Chopper are going at it. Brokeback grunts and groans as he bobs and weaves, slips and slides, pushes and pulls his Chopper. It's not a pretty scene and of course everybody is watching. Brokeback breathes grass and sweat like a demon possessed with the will to control his unwieldy renegade machine. When the job is finished, Chopper remains steadfast but Brokeback is on his knees pretending to pull weeds. Worn out, angry, dirty and sweaty, Mr. Brokeback manages a prideful, grass stained smile. The kind of smile that can only result from the satisfaction of a hard fought battle and a job well done for the entire neighborhood to see.

Sound familiar. Your Chopper has an appetite for destruction, you’re on the menu and it’s almost time to eat. Don’t delay, call your Eazy Mow representative today..

      Eazy Mow is Compatible With Practically Any Walk-Behind Mower Brand Or Model
Craftsman, AYP, Murray, Toro, Honda - except HRX model, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Huskee and K-Pro. MTD products such as Yard Man, Yard Machine, Cub Cadet, Bolens and White. Also Lawnflite, Mow Master, Husqvarna, John Deere, Lawn Boy- after 2004, Scotts, Stanley, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Lawn King, Southland, Power Pro, Weedeater and most mowers manufactured overseas.

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