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Custom Built For Performance And Safety!
Eazy Mow surpasses test of OEM requirements and will provide anyone years of lasting service. Our product also conforms to the requirements for either front or rear installation on walk-behind push and self-propelled lawn mowers, by replacing the non-drive wheels.

Eazy Mow replaces one pair of standard wheels and height adjusters. In most cases, you can install our product using your mower factory mounting holes. With most mowers you are only required to remove one bolt and nut per wheel assembly. In a few cases, depending on you mower make and model, you will need to enlarge your frame mounting hole to 3/8" to fit our plate design. This can be done simply by using a 3/8" drill bit. This process is very simple and only takes a few minutes and you can always call our toll free #  1-866-677-1801 if you need any assistance.

In most cases, our wheel system is used to replace the standard front wheels and height adjusters on walk-behind push mowers and self-propelled rear drive mowers. Our universal design also allows for the replacement of the rear wheels and height adjusters on most self-propelled front drive mowers. In addition, our product also is compatible with most commercial series walk-behind mowers up to a 28" cutting width. Why spend $129 - $149 when our product will correct the problem.
Changing the cutting height on most mowers can be a pain. You have to move up and sideways at the same time. Factory mowers with swivel wheels present even more of a problem. In most cases, you are required to disassemble the wheel and housing bolt and then reassemble to change height adjustments. Eazy Mow offers the most versatile height adjustment developed. Our patented design does not require any removal of wheels, bolts or nuts. The pivot (wheel) arm is equipped with a spring pin and a securing mechanism. When the spring pin is released the pivot (wheel) arm slides to the designated height adjustment setting.

Other new areas of technology utilized by Eazy Mow include dual row bearings in the caster arm housing. We also use a special fitting that locks the caster housing into the pivot (wheel) arm to prevent any loosening due to mower vibration. Our dual row bearing design resolves problems most common with swivel equipment. Our bearing design not only extends equipment life, but also provides a more efficient, uniform wheel movement.
Our wheel lock-out system gives the mower operator the option of locking the wheels in a fixed position if mowing across hillsides or steep terrain.

Our EZM solid polymer wheels are test proven to be impact-resistant and virtually indestructible. Our rounded shoulder non-tread design eliminates damage to your lawn when turning, with no soil build-up in damp or wet conditions.

There is absolutely no product in the lawn care market that can compare to Eazy Mow's benefits and features and Eazy Mow has only limited indirect competition from the factory-equipped mowers with swivel wheels.

Outdoor Power Equipment -  www.greenmediaonline.com - We provide you with observations, comments, news items and important industry information. A new lawn mower accessory was exhibited at The International Lawn, Garden & Power Equipment Expo. The Eazy Mow product as demonstrated is easily adaptable to walk-behind power mowers and makes mowing easier and less time consuming for practically anyone. It provides the mower operator the ability to turn 360 degrees, which will save significant mowing time, with less effort required.

Nurseryman - www.nurseryman.com  Eazy Mow is the only caster swivel wheel mower accessory that allows anyone to quickly and inexpensively upgrade their walk-behind push or self-propelled mower to a zero-turn, swivel wheel mower. Replaces standard non-drive wheels. Reduces labor ,saves mowing time and decreases the risk of strain or injury. Installs using the mower factory mounting holes in just a few minutes with only simple tools required. Provides feather light operation. Never lift, struggle or pull the mower backward. Reverse turn very quickly and easily keeping all four wheels on the ground. Low cost saves hundreds in comparison to factory equipped mowers with swivel wheels. This product is manufactured by a Texas company Eazy Mow, Inc.
The latest technology and equipment are utilized for quality, cost, and in every phase of the manufacturing process.