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     Product Benefits

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Reduces Labor - Saves Time - Provides Safety !
Most any product we push, maneuver or turn comes factory equipped with swivel or caster wheels. They provide time saving convenience and easy maneuvering for products we use such as shopping carts, push carts, baby strollers, shop vacs, chairs, furniture, floor and equipment dollies and even vacuum cleaners.
Many of you have asked, why are most lawn mowers not equipped with swivel wheels. Mowing the lawn is definitely not an easy job and as we all know, lawn mowers are not designed for easy maneuvering. They are heavy and hard to handle. You have to lift or force the mower for every turn and if your property has numerous obstacles this increases your workload even more. 
If your property is landscaped with trees, shrubs or cut outs the continued lifting of your mower can present serious health risk such as injury or overexertion. Every year over 200,000 people are admitted to the emergency room for heat stroke or heart problems as a result of overexertion while mowing.
Our Eazy Mow product allows the mower to turn with little or no effort so there's never any need to lift the mower while turning, or pull the mower backward to reverse mowing. Our customers are of all ages and Eazy Mow appeals to both men and women. Most will tell you using our product is just good common sense, because it solves a problem that has nagged almost everyone for years.

Be sure to read our report: Lawn Mower Injuries, FOX and CBS News Special Report
Our product is designed to provide the best safety and performance features available. Eazy Mow is a low cost alternative to expensive factory swivel wheel mowers and has proven to save consumers time and money while reducing their workload
Prior to Eazy Mow, caster or swivel wheel systems had been available only on the more expensive factory equipped mowers. Equipment cost and size are a disadvantage but not the only concern. When purchasing a new mower, we all search for specific options and features that meet our individual needs. With our Eazy Mow product you can upgrade your present mower or practically any new walk-behind mower of your choice. You are not limited to a certain brand, model or price of mower. Now, with Eazy Mow anyone can enjoy the benefits of a swivel wheel mower at a fraction of the cost.

Our unique design provides feather light maneuvering for quick, easy turns and allows any power mower to handle like a breeze. Now anyone can mow and trim closely along walkways, fences and borders, reverse turn and zip around trees, garden beds or any obstacle in one easy turn with little or no effort.

Our new swivel wheel design gives the mower operator the ability to turn easily and effortlessly, including a complete 360 degree turn.
Maneuvering in tight spots, cut outs and restricted areas are all very simple with a quick and easy 180 degree turn.

Even lawn care professionals and owners of mowing service companies use Eazy Mow on their walk-behind power mowers for areas that their large professional machines can not access.
Most of our customers tell us they can't imagine anyone not needing this product if they own a walk-behind power mower. Any product that saves valuable time and greatly reduces the labor to perform any job is needed and appreciated. Eazy Mow has only been on the market for a short period of time but has already generated overwhelming customer approval.

 Be sure to read our testimonials and see what our customers have to say about our Eazy Mow product.
Think about what you would rather be doing than mowing your lawn and how much time and effort you could save if your mower was equipped with Eazy Mow
National Gardening Association - www.garden.org - For those who push a power mower around all summer, any device to make the job go more smoothly would be welcome. From a Texas company comes a new swivel wheel attachment that makes the mower easier to turn. The Eazy Mow swivel wheel system, which can be installed with common hand tools, provides lawn mower users enhanced maneuvering and time saving convenience
The American Gardener - www.ahs.org - We discover ways to enhance your lifestyle! Featuring unique, fun and essential products. With the Eazy Mow lawn mower swivel wheels even the most difficult trim areas of your lawn, such as your sidewalk edging and garden beds are a cinch to mow. This product allows you to turn your mower full circle very easily without lifting or pulling the mower backward which makes any mowing job a lot easier. This product should benefit anyone that uses a walk-behind power mower.

Our customers agree, Eazy Mow is a one of a kind, ingenious product that provides a new level of performance and safety!